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Designing Impactful Technology

On-Going Projects

Check out our pilot project with Looma Education Co. 

Looma Redesign

July 2020 - Ongoing

Looma-nepali-amanda 3x1.png
Looma-english-amanda 3x1.png

By redesigning a computer casing, engineers helped Looma Education Co. scale distribution of their collaborative educational computer for students across rural Nepal. With the ability to produce more units faster and more easily, they plan to get their computers to 30 more schools in 2021, and even more in the following years. 





What the team did:

  • Redesigned the enclosure (Mechanical Design, CAD, Design For Manufacturing & Assembly)

  • Audio and thermal testing & validation (Test Design) 

  • Worked with in-region manufacturers to set up quality casing production (Supply Chain Management)

  • Reduced number of components and suppliers (BOM Management)

Engineering Impact:

  • Reduced assembly time from 20 hours to less than 1 hour per unit

  • Reduced unique part count from 98 to 50 and removed multiple manual assembly processes (ex. glueing, painting, drilling)

  • Increased in-field reliability by designing a sturdy sheet metal enclosure

Potential Projects

Technology intersects social impact in so many fields.  

Whether you have a well-defined need for engineering support or just an open-ended idea, let's collaborate on developing physical products that support communities in need.

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