Just Engineering has come to a close.

I know, we're sad too. But we are also grateful for an incredible journey, excited about new beginnings, and hopeful for the future of justice in engineering work. 

We have written a 3 part final blog post as a way to "compost" our organization. We hope our story, our learnings, and our hopes for the future help grow future ventures in the space.

A Few Logistical Notes

Our old website will still be available to browse until the end of 2022. We feel like it captures the main idea of our organization, and hope it can be an inspiration for future ventures.

We've made available the materials we think are helpful for understanding work in this space. You'll find product development diagrams, ideas on organizational structure, and slide decks for teaching design concepts.

Lastly, while we are not starting new projects, our volunteers will continue to provide engineering support to our current partners. But don't let this stop you from reaching out to us at founders@justengineering.org.